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About Us


Import/ Export consulting;


If you are an importer (wholesale or retail), a business with sites around the globe, courier company with regular shipments, or a private individual making an occasional overseas purchase. Your consignments must arrive by air or sea, in bags or cartons, on pallets or in containers.

Importing and exporting process can be a hassle for those unfamiliar with documentations, shipping, plus other roles involved in the movement of goods from one country to another. For seasoned importer/ exporter doing it alone can be a maze.

That is where we come in, we know every aspect of the business and not only do we advise our clients, we also provide Customs Brokerage and Documentation services.

The roles involved in import/ export are; Government Agencies; Customs Brokerage; Bank; Warehousing/ Distribution.

With our years of experience in the field, we make this process as easy as possible, giving you export and import advice to deal with these entities and get what you need in a timely manner.


IT Solutions consultancy;

We partner with one of the leading experienced and professional IT practitioners with a passion for helping organizations and their staff to make the most of their information technology investment.

We offer;

-Graphic Design and Animation

-Website Design/ Content Development/ Management.

-Sales, Maintenance and Repairs of computer accessories.

-Software and System Engineering.

-System Analysis and Design.

-Technology and Process Assessment.

-Turnkey Solutions for every sector.


Power Technology/ Energy consulting;

We partner with one of the world best companies who invest, build and operate large scale Solar and Wind power projects across the globe.

  • Turnkey Turbine and Generator maintenance/ Support.
  • Installation and relocation of new and used equipment.
  • Generator replacement services.
  • Testing And Diagnostic services.
  • Expert field assistance.
  • Part Supply.

We are always on the lookout to work with private companies and local government to engage in EPC, PPP, BOT and BOOT projects.


Commodity Marketing;

We provide in-depth expert Consulting Services to corporations, investment funds and family offices, financial institutions, central banks, government bodies, and international organizations based on our detailed research and analyses. These consulting services cover an enormous range of topics, and are used by our clients to make informed strategic investment and development decisions.

The scope of advisory services we provide ranges from broad industry related topics to advisory services focused on specific markets, end uses for individual commodities, and strategies.


Our Clients


Great work can only come from great partnerships. Here are just a few of the amazing clients that allow us to come to work every day and push our boundaries and theirs.